"EASHTN 2020” "Food Safety and Health"

The conference will discuss the importance of food safety and its relationship to health and disease prevention
Infectious and presents the foods to be eaten during pregnancy and the effect of substances
Food additives on the mental development of the fetus and the development of autism are explained
The relationship of colored foods and drinks on children's behaviors and hyperactivity
The movement. The conference will review the plastic materials for food preservation
And the different uses of baby food. The conference will discuss the relationship of cancer
With processed meat and unsafe preservatives. The preservative effect is shown
On obesity, diabetes and thyroid disease
The conference presents the effect of aflatoxins and toxins in foods on liver health
. The conference highlights the importance of healthy cooking, heart safety and disease prevention
Arteriosclerosis. It displays the dangerous ability of stimulants
It identifies the safe use of vitamins and minerals
The conference the importance of food safety for a healthy and healthy digestive system
Microbiota. The conference discusses the foods that cause food allergies. It presents
The interactions between nutritional elements, foods and drugs. The conference will discuss
Safe herbs and healthy storage methods. Finally, it offers recommendations for your enjoyment
With safe food free of contaminants, carcinogens and harmful chemicals
To the body.