Why Mozn​Because MOZN is considered one of the most promising companies in the Middle East for pharmaceutical and neutritional industries, Aiming to change the life-style into a healthy and safe by World-Class products , Providing the Egyptian market with the highest quality supplements to support and facilitate living healthy ​

Company Specializes​Mozn Pharmaceutical and food industries are provided in the field of developing and producing nutritional supplements, micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), health foods and staples.

A story of Quality​starts business in Egypt since 2015 , and from the beginning all our focus is about Quality . Starting with the raw materials which we care to choose with the highest European standards as its all from Germany Following by having our factory Contains five production lines with hands free manufacturing insuring highest safety. we make all this edifice certified with the Egyptian Food Safety Authority


Company Specializes

certificate Specifications​

Decision No. 1 of 2018 published in the Egyptian facts, No. 185, it was approved to register the Mozn factory and its products with the National Food Safety Authority. Our production is based on the HACCP system implemented and GMP good manufacturing practices and we implement the Food Safety System (ISO22000) standard.

Import certificate

G-CERTI Certificate

Registration Certificate of special food product

Good manufacturing practice compliance certificate

A story of Quality

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